GoldSilver is a popular website serving many different purposes than just selling Gold and Silver to average consumers. In fact, this website is a bullion resource that offers products, and even information on investing wisely. But, if you’ve been looking for a wide range of bars and coins, it will be better to choose another website like Golden Eagle Coins.
Although the website offers a wide range, there is more room for improvement to make this website accessible regarding purchases of bullion products. However, when you want investment advice and tips, GoldSilver will be an excellent choice.  They offers comprehensive advice about navigating the market, while also buying & selling Gold and Silver. According to visitors, this website is very easy to navigate and use however thought it took some extra effort to make sure everything is free from confusion.


Products Offered

Product selection of the website does not give you the opportunity to choose from a lot of different options. Although GoldSilver sells both Silver and Gold bullion in bar and coin form, its range of coins offers only 5-6 different styles. Similarly, the selection on bars is also skimpy. In addition to this, the size variety offered by the company is also minimal. Therefore, when you’re looking for coins which are either smaller or larger than one ounce, you may have to visit another website. The same is true for both Silver and Gold bars too.
If you’re still not disappointed after going through a limited collection of products, you may be disappointed after realizing that the products are overpriced. Since GoldSilver does not sell products in large quantities, the company does not stock large quantities. Therefore, prices are forced higher to make some profits. In some cases, they barely break even. You can find products like Canadian Maple Leafs and American Eagles at better prices on many other websites.
However, something which does make the entire experience unique is that the company purchases Silver and Gold from the general public. This service is only offered by some websites. This makes it easier for the general public to cash in on various investments they have made. However, before you make any moves, you should read the sellback policy. It is filled with some valuable information which you should not overlook. You should go through all the clauses before making any purchases.

Payment Options

Paying for orders on the website is quite easy. However, when it comes to making a payment, you only have one option. GoldSilver prefers that customers pay via bank wire. The company considers it to be the most secure way to make payments. They believe that bank wire ensures the safety of funds. This is considered to be another major negative for the website. Customers always want more payment options. You will always want a website which sells bullion while offering at least two different payment options.

Shipping Options

Just like other bullion selling websites on the Internet, GoldSilver offers the ability to have orders shipped via UPS, USPS or FedEx. Every order you place is insured. At the time of delivery, you need to sign for security reasons.
In case you are confused about something or may have questions regarding the shipment, you can easily contact the customer support of the company at a toll free number. Shipping time taken by the company is standard. Moreover, if you live in a remote location, the company may take some extra time to process your delivery. It is important to understand that even though shipments are always insured, once the delivery has been signed, insurance no longer applies. This is important for people who have other members of the family or friends sign for packages or leave some specific instructions for the insurance carrier.

Overall, GoldSilver can be a very disappointing experience for people who’re just looking to purchase Gold and Silver coins or bars. The selection offered by the company is too limited to be a major outlet for bullion purchases. However, the website’s redeeming quality is that it offers a wide range of information regarding investment tips and tricks, especially for beginner investors. It is also worth mentioning that the company’s products are overpriced. Thus, for bullion purchases, it is much better to visit some other website. You can stay if you want some investment advice.