Five Ounce Silver Bars

If you’re familiar at all with silver bullion investing, it should be no surprise that you can obtain silver bars in many different sizes. For a small time, beginning investor, the best choice is often to purchase a 1 ounce silver bar. On the other hand, experienced and savvy investors tend to flock to 100 ounce bars. Will all this interest in very large or small bars, it may not be surprising that 5 ounce bars are frequently forgotten.

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5 ounce silver bars are an excellent investment tool. Though they might be too big for a small time investor or too small for a high roller, these bars are idea for someone who’s looking to invest in a middle of the road bar size. Below, we’ll explain what makes 5 oz silver bars unique and which companies produce them

Different Producers

When looking at 5 oz silver bars, it’s important to consider the different producers who manufacture them. Like anything else we buy, brand loyalty can come heavily into play when you’re looking to purchase silver bullion.

You and I may be well aware that 5 ounce silver bars made by one mint will be nearly identical to those of another mint. However, investors are often willing to spend much more to buy a particular brand name of silver bar. If not for brand loyalty, some silver bar producers wouldn’t be able to charge the high premiums over spot silver value that they do.

Most silver bars are standard bullion types, though there are some special edition 5 ounce silver bars — these tend to be few and far between. Also, the fact that these bars are special editions means the price on the bar will tend to be heavily inflated, and you’ll pay a premium well above the premium you’d find on a normal 5 ounce bar.

Among the most popular producers of 5 ounce silver bars are:

Sunshine Minting
Johnson Matthey
PAMP Suisse

Of the above, SilverTowne is the most popular producer of 5 ounce bars at the moment. Their 5 ounce “logo” bar represents a good looking, cheap, and well trusted investment.

Silver Bar Dimensions

Despite what you may be familiar with from the movies, most precious metal bars that you or I will handle are quite modestly sized. Rather than the big metal bricks from a heist film, 5 ounce silver bars are small enough to easily fit inside a coat pocket. This is very convenient, as most investors will purchase them in large quantities — they need enough room to store and stack hundreds of the bars.

5 ounce silver bar dimensions are mostly standardized across the industry, though you’ll probably encounter a few which deviate from industry standards. Typical 5 ounce silver bar dimensions are 61mm by 35mm by 7.3mm, which is about 1.4 by 2.6 by .24 inches.


It’s not difficult to store silver bars, but it’s not quite as easy as storing one ounce bars. The reason it’s different when you’re storing 5 ounce bars is because, while one ounce bars are supplied in plastic sheets with 20 bars, 5 ounce bars are individually packaged. Sometimes they are preserved inside plastic, but the bars are more difficult to transport in large numbers than smaller bars packed in sheets.

Instead, you’ll need to find a suitable place for stacking and storing your precious metals. Fortunately, stacking is easy — most bars are standard sized. Not only is it easy to stack them, but the bars are small enough they will take up minimal space even in significant quantity. It’s only when we reach the heavier weight silver bars when storage can be a significant issue.


Premiums charged on top of the spot silver value of the 5 ounces of silver in the bar will vary with producer. One silver bar variety may only carry a $2 or $3 per oz premium, some popular producers might charge up to $10 per oz over the silver spot value.

As well as the brand, the retailer also has an effect on the price of the bar. Some online dealers will intentionally jack up bullion prices in order to skim money off the top tier customers, those willing to pay much more for a bar of silver. In order to obtain the best price, you’ll have to shop around and compare prices across different dealers.