One Hundred Ounce Silver Bars


Silver bullion has a historical connotation having served as a primary monetary metal for mankind over time. Apart from its durability, it is convenient, divisible and has a utility value. Today, it is used as an industrial commodity and a health care product uses which have expanded the demand for silver worldwide.

According to financial analysts, silver is an important global commodity that offers unparalleled investment opportunity for the future. The volatility of silver prices in the global market has made it an attractive trading and investment vehicle. Pure silver bullion (.999) is usually available in various convenient forms (1,000; 100, 10 and 1 ounce silver bars). The 1,000 ounce silver bar is the industry standard unit for trading and storage while the 100; 10 and 1 ounce bars is for enabling investors to store and transport silver more conveniently.

100 oz Silver Bars

This is the most common sizeable investment that any trader can make in silver bullion. The reason why this is preferred is that 100 troy oz silver bars attract the lowest premium over spot price. This is in sharp contrast to the other silver bullion sizes. In addition, 100 oz silver bullions are very liquid. Their demand on the trading desk is very high compared to other smaller bars. The vibrancy of their buy and sell activity makes them move extremely fast. Purchasing 100 ounce silver bars is considered more convenient than investing in 100 silver bars measuring 1 ounce each. Loosing smaller pieces is relatively easy compared to larger silver bars. Apart from loss, storage is also an aspect that makes investors opt for the

Silver Bar Producers

In the trading of precious metals, 100 ounces is considered a huge amount of investment. Silver, however is not as pricey as Gold meaning traders can afford to buy hundreds of ounces. Just like any commodity out in the market, silver bars vary in popularity depending on the company producing them. Each company has its own stake and authority in the market making some traders opt for silver bars from specific producers and not others. To differentiate them, these bars are usually branded on the side denoting the details of the manufacturer. Below is a list of the some of the popular producers of 100 oz silver bars.

Johnson Matthey
Royal Canadian Mint
• Heraeus
• Ohio Precious Metals
Sunshine Minting
NTR Metals

Silver Bar Dimensions

On the precious metals trading desk, silver bars are commonly available in 1, 10 and 100 0z. The 100 ounce bar is the largest of the three and is approximately the size of two graphing calculators placed one on top of the other.As the bar sizes increase, their exact measurements may differ from one manufacturer to the next. It is common to find a 100 oz bar from Royal Canadian Mint for instance being thicker than that produced by Johnson Matthey. Despite these slight differences, it is usually held that their silver bar sizes are fairly consistent and their variances are within the acceptable range.

The typical dimension of a 100 ounce silver bar is approximately 6.5 inches in length by 2.5 inches in width by 1.25 inches in depth. In case you are quite unsure of the standard size, you can visit a local precious metals dealer who will give you a feel of the 100 ounce bar. This will make your purchase easier and reduce the chances of landing on a raw deal.

Storage of silver bullion

Storage of 100 oz silver bars depends on the quantity that you have. The more you have the more space you will need to store them. Safety is also another aspect of storage that needs to be taken care of. Because of the intrinsic vale that silver has, storing them at home may pose danger of theft and loss. There are third party services available for storage of precious metals at a fee in exchange for security and peace of mind.
Through research and referrals, you can get reputable depositories for precious metals that offer both safe and cost effective means of securing your investment.


In addition to the intrinsic (spot) value of the silver bar, buyers usually pay an extra amount. This amount known as the premium is what keeps the silver trading businesses in operation. In other words, it is their margin. The bulkier the purchase is, the lower the premiums payable over the spot value.

When buying 100 oz silver bars, you can easily find premiums of less than a dollar per ounce. This will be a good bargain for you and will make the entire investment profitable as compared to investing in smaller silver bars that attract higher premium rates. If you can afford it, go for it because it makes a lot of business sense.