One Ounce Silver Bars

If you study the size of the silver bars that are being purchased, especially in large numbers, you will find out that people buy more of silver bars that weigh one troy ounce because of several reasons. For one, they are not expensive when compared with the price of 1 ounce silver coins. Moreover, they are easy to store and provide investors with the flexibility of selling a part of the bar, instead of the entire holding, whenever the need arises to sell on a future date.

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In the sections that follow, you will find more information as regards the number of different companies that are involved in the production of silver bars, how you can store the bars that you purchase and how you will be receiving them after they are dispatched by an online dealer.

Companies That Are Involved In The Production Of Silver Bars

In general, 1 ounce pure silver bars that most companies produce are all almost the same. However, the brand that makes the bars is a matter of great concern to people who are interested in investing in precious metals. It is like the brand loyalty that people have when it comes to buying clothes, electronic gadgets and many, many other products. This is to say that people look at the brand when they want to purchase silver bars as well.

The condition of the silver bar is also a matter of concern as in the case of silver coins. However, the bars that you purchase online from the bullion dealers will be received by you in a sealed condition and are often not touched by hand at all. Therefore, the quality and condition of the bars are guaranteed to a great extent.

Here are a few of the popular producers of 1 ounce silver bars:

Johnson Matthey
Sunshine Minting
Royal Canadian Mint
Ohio Precious Metals
PAMP Suisse

Dimensions of 1 Ounce Silver Bars

The size and shape of most of the silver bars of 1 ounce weight are almost the same. However, some special edition silver bars come in different designs as well as dimensions, but they will be few in numbers. Such deviations from the normal silver bar sizes are by far very few. This is because the size of the bullion rectangles are often the same.

The standard dimensions of a 1 ounce silver bar are 50 mm × 30 mm × 2.7 mm. The variation in dimensions from one producer to another will be in the range of only a millimeter.

You will notice that the size of the silver bar is much less than that you had earlier imagined it to be. You can easily carry around a few bars of 1 ounce weight inside the pockets of your trousers.

Storage of 1 Ounce Silver Bars

A question that often plagues most of the prospective buyers of silver bars of 1 ounce weight is regarding the storage of the bars that they purchase. This question can be dealt with very easily. This is because 1 ounce silver bars do not occupy a great deal of space at all.

One ounce silver bars are packed in sheets of 20 just like the baseball cards that are packed within the collector’s binder. You can fold or manipulate these sheets so that they fit into places such as under the bed, closet, etc. Of course, if you purchase 1 ounce silver bars in massive numbers or larger bars of precious metals, then you may be required to address the storage problem in right earnest.
Premiums On 1 Ounce Silver Bars

As the 1 ounce silver bars are produced regularly in large numbers, the premium over the spot price tends to be slightly higher when compared with that of larger silver bars. Typically, the premium over spot price for 1 ounce silver bars, excluding special logo bars and the most sought after brands, is in the range of $2. Of course, discounts are offered depending on the number and value of purchases that you make.