Sunshine Minting

The North American based minting company, Sunshine Mint ( is well-known for being the main source of silver blanks being provided to the United States Mint. The services of Sunshine Mint are not only restricted to providing services for the US mint, but also it mints silver bullion for several countries and companies all around the world.

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Sunshine Mint is a well-established company with around 200 employees employed in Idaho. The scope of this company is not limited to Idaho, but spreads out beyond Idaho into all the corners around the globe. Sunshine Mint has been in the precious metal producing industry since 1983, and has more than 30 years of experience in precious metal production.

The main facility of Sunshine Mint, the Coeur d’Alene in Idaho is very closely located to the Washington state border. Although, people might think that Idaho, where the Sunshine’s main facility is located is a remote place which is not profitable to have a thriving precious metals company, many are not known of the fact that this region in US is one of the biggest producers of silver around the globe.

Products Manufactured

If you are thinking that coinage is all that Sunshine mint does, then it is not true. Although, Sunshine mint is the main supplier of coin blanks to the US Mint, they also involve in the large-scale production of medallions and bars. They are also known for their creativity and has ended up producing some attractive pieces of specialty coins and bars.
Different Sizes of Silver Bar Offered By Sunshine Minting

Sunshine Mint produces various sizes of silver bars to suit different user requirements. The various sizes of silver bars produced by Sunshine Mint includes 100 Oz, 10 Oz, 5 Oz, and 1 Oz silver bars. In addition to making differed sizes of silver bars, they also manufacture gold bars of all sizes. The size of gold bars manufactured by Sunshine Mint ranges from as small as 1 gram to as big as 100 oz. The company also prides itself for its potential to manufacture all types and sizes of custom bullion products. Two simple examples about the type of minting activity this versatile minting company is capable of producing includes the casino tokens and the silver and gold art-bars.

The Security Feature- MintMark SI

The proprietary MintMark SI feature is one unique security feature that is offered by the Sunshine brand to its users. However, this security feature is not available for products other than gold bars. This MintMark SI security feature permits users to examine the product to find out whether it is an authentic Sunshine product or not. It allows the user to inspect the gold bar by means of a decoder lens which discloses the Sunshine logo and the word Valid to the user, a means to check if the product is authentic or not. The security feature enabled in these gold bars is made in such a way that forgers cannot duplicate this technology.

SMI Decoder

SMI decoder technology enables the user to check the authenticity of the product purchased from Sunshine Mint. SMI decoder technology is now available for only 1 Oz gold bar products. However, users can expect that this technology will be expanded to gram gold and also silver bullion products in the future. It is always good to see a mint company taking positive steps to minimize and hopefully get rid of fake gold bars from the market.

Where to Buy Sunshine Silver

Sunshine Mint has been in the market for quite a few years and its growth in the precious metal industry is tremendous. They have become one of the most trusted precious metal company around the world. To speak more specifically, Sunshine Mint has become the most trusted precious metal producers in all of North America. Read our reviews about Golden Eagle Coins to find the best price on 100 Oz, 10 Oz, and 1 Oz pieces of Sunshine Mint silver bars. The close relationship between Golden Eagle and Sunshine Mint allows Golden Eagle to offer the best product selection and pricing for Sunshine Mint products.