SilverTowne was founded back in 1949, half a century ago in Indiana. It began as a small coin shop but has grown into 4 retail department store to become one of the largest and well-known silver bullion producers in the U.S. Today, SilverTowne is among the biggest and most reputable dealers of modern coins, precious metals and rare coins in the country.

SilverTowne offers some of the best and competitive prices on silver bars, you can find more information by visiting Golden Eagle Coins website. They are online retailers of SilverTowne branded products offering the most reasonable prices. Some of the silver products sold by Golden Eagle Coins include new 1, 5 and 10 oz SilverTowne silver bars.

SilverTowne Company not only specializes in selling bars, rounds and coins but they also mint and manufacture silver products exclusively. With their headquarters in Winchester Indiana, SilverTowne is highly regarded and unique since they are not neighboring any major city or town. Thus they have become the market leader in coins and bullion.

Among the most admired items that SilverTowne Mint produces includes their wide collection of silver logo bars. These silver bars are produced in an array of sizes in order to attract different investors and collectors. On the other hand, they are specialists in silver items customization like medallions which are perfect for gift giving during special occasions such as Easter, graduations, anniversaries, birthdays, Halloween e.t.c. Collectors and investors can find a broad selection of coins and bullion through their various catologs and website.

Items produced at SilverTowne

As mentioned earlier, SilverTowne is one of the largest silver bars producers in the U.S. They are known to produce some of the best and appealing silver bars in the industry. Since their bars are available in an array of sizes, they have become increasingly appealing to many investors and collectors in the industry.

The different sized bars have unique features which make them appealing. The smaller silver bars for instance, the 1oz versions are available in attractive designs with the aim of spurring interest in each individual bar and increase their demand in the market. Hence, they get off the shelves much faster.

Bigger bars have limited designs featured on them. They appear plain and less attractive as compared to smaller bars. However, designs and attractiveness does not matter when it comes to silver bars since these bars are least sought after by collectors who focus on attractive pieces.

Besides dealing with the sale of silver bars, SilverTowne also specialize in selling silver rounds and coins in the quest to make their offering complete. Most of their silver bars weigh; 1oz, 5oz, 10oz and 100oz. The diversity in weight is geared towards meeting the requirements of different investors.


In the silver bullion business, a premium is the price charged by a company over the real value of silver in a bar. Apparently, firms like SilverTowne can only make a profit on their products by charging a little more than the real value of the silver as surviving by merely breaking even is quite impossible. Therefore, premium is the profit that a company makes after sales.

Silver bars at SilverTowne come in competitive prices with their 1oz bar retailing at only $3 above the actual value. However, this price is subject to adjustments on regular basis depending with the conditions in the market. As the bars become a bit larger, the price over marked value remains fairly constant within the $3 range per ounce. To get a company offering its products at such fair prices is almost impossible. Moreover, it is quite difficult to find quality bars at cheaper prices, it is either quality bars are highly priced or cheaper bars are of inferior quality. However, at SilverTowne you will find high-quality bars at customer- friendly prices.

Where to purchase SilverTowne products

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