NTR Metals

Founded in Dallas, Texas in the year 2004, NTR Metals (www.ntrmetals.com) has over the years grown to be a world recognized company. The company serves more than 30,000 companies and operates in over 70 locations all over the world. Today, NTR metal is one amongst the world’s largest metals refining companies; the company is a source to all precious stones and precious metals. Unlike most metals companies that only offer minting services, NTR Metals actually offers a full range of refining, minting and recycling of the precious metals.

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As we have seen earlier, NTR doesn’t just deal with metals; it also deals with precious stones such as diamonds and gemstones. Here, nothing goes to waste; the company concentrates on maximizing the profits while at the same time act to benefit the society at large. All this is made possible by recycling all types of metals from recycled hazardous and other non-hazardous waste streams. Once they have been recycled and refined, all the scrap metals eventually turn into something very profitable.

Many investors know NTR as a great company that utilizes the finest precious metals to create pure bullion products of many different types not forgetting coins and bars. In just a matter of 5 years, this company grew to become a global metals powerhouse and managed to expand all over U.S and Europe. This can be attributed to hard work and the high quality products the company has to offer and as they say ‘success speaks for itself’. In Europe, the company is located in Netherlands, Ireland, Germany and several other countries.


NTR is definitely a big company that produces more than just precious metals; the list of their products is endless but for now, we are going to focus our attention on the precious metals. As we all know, the most popular products of this company are the silver and gold bars they produce. One of the reasons, many investors love working with this company is because, the company produces high quality bars of many different sizes ranging from 10 oz to as big as 100 oz.

10 oz NTR Metals Silver Bar

The golden triangle is one of the unique products produced by NTR. This is simply a gold bar that is shaped like a triangle. Basically, there is no actual significance to its shape, but some investors are so fascinated such that they can’t resist buying the golden triangle. Each and every bar is produced to make sure investors not only get high quality bars but also very attractive. This includes the normally shaped gold and silver bars.

Common premiums

The high quality of these metals is the main reason most investors are willing to spend their money on these metals. This is something many people are not willing to do when it comes to low quality products.

When it comes to selling NTR products, it all depends on the type of person or company dealing with the product. The price will also be determined by whether it’s gold or a silver bar. However, most NTR bars are sold at a fair price despite the type of investor. It’s also important to note that the bigger the purchase the closer you get to spot value per ounce. When considering making a purchase, keep in mind that even 1 oz silver bars cannot be found for much more than a dollar or 2 over spot value. When doing your shopping, make sure you take your time and do a survey. Compare different silver dealers before buying anything because in most cases the prices will always differ from one dealer to another.

Online Buying

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