Buying Silver With Paypal

Silver, without the shadow of doubt, is known to be among of the world’s most precious metals. The price of this precious metal has skyrocketed in the last few years, creating greater value. Like gold, silver is a precious metal, giving it value beyond its decorative purpose. Since the dawn of civilization, silver has been utilized as a currency. But today, people consider it mainly for jewelry. Silvery is widely worn today for many reasons. Some people wear it because it’s an alternative to gold whereas others wear it due to its color combination. From elegant anklets and rings to luxe statement pieces, this metal has created a new era of fashion.

Purchasing silver online

If you are planning on buying this precious metal, the internet offers you really cool silver jewelries that are not only stylish but reasonably priced too. However, it is important to follow some guidelines to ensure a smooth transaction. First, it is vitally important to establish the trustworthiness of any online store you intend to order from before making a purchase. Next, you need to check the warranty. There shouldn’t be less than one month money back guarantees. Any reputable retailer will back their product with a warranty. Feel free to ask your retailer about the warranty.

Do a quick inspection

After deciding on a desirable silver jewelry, it is recommended to do a quick assessment. Check in the description area to ensure that the jewelry is a 925 sterling silver, meaning it is made with 92.5% silver, merged with other metals. This is the international standard and is the utmost level of silver utilized in the jewelry these days. It’s also worthy of note that, silver is soft when it is in its purest form. Real silver is marked with .925, signifying authenticity. If the stamp is invisible in the image, contact the retailer to confirm the presence of the stamp.

Picking the design

If you have been buying silver from local stores, you may have realized that an overwhelming majority of these stores have almost the same designs. That is because most silver jewelries stocked at those shops have been mass produced. In fact, there are a few manufacturers producing a small number of designs on large scale, which are passed on to the consumers through local stores. There are sellers who mix and match tiny parts made by different manufacturers to make their exclusive jewelry designs. in contrast, a designer jewelry sold online is usually handmade, giving it a distinctive touch.

Shipping to your destination

One of the setbacks with purchasing silver online is that the shipping costs drive your purchase price above the spot price of the silver. Consumers these days are more cost conscious than ever. They are getting savvy about shipping cost and will without doubt take shipping costs into consideration when doing price comparisons. There are some silver stores that offer free shipping in an attempt to lure more consumers to their stores. A good example is eBay which lobbies hard for its vendors to adopt free shipping, stating that a product can pay for itself in numerous ways.

eBay versus online dealers

Today, people are able to buy just about anything at a click of the mouse thanks to the advancement of technology. This is particularly true when it comes to buying silver. There are many online stores that sell authentic silver. One of the largest and most trusted online stores is eBay. Most people purchase these precious metals on eBay since it is safe, convenient and trustworthy as opposed to other online stores. The ancient adage about a deal being too good to be true does not apply on eBay. Most eBay sellers will stock silver way under market value in a bid to unload it fast when they need the money.

Payment Methods

While there are many different methods of payments you can use to shop for silver online, PayPal is the most preferred payment mode for a majority of silver buyers and sellers, and allows you to send payments securely on the internet using a bank account or credit card. Mostly used as a platform for buyer and seller on eBay to purchase products and receive money, PayPal is now available as a mode of payment on other renowned marketplaces like Amazon. With the globalization of an array of businesses, it is not a necessity to shop at local stores nearby. Thanks to PayPal, a seller in Georgia can sell his products to someone in Tennessee and PayPal can be used as a mode of payment.

Pros of using PayPal

People who have never send or received payment through PayPal may wonder why a majority of the world’s population use it every day. One of the coolest things about PayPal is that you will relieve yourself of all hassle of attempting to buy silver online only to have your credit card rejected owing to insufficient funds. Since you can set up numerous bank accounts, credit cards and debit cards to finance your PayPal account, you can have peace of mind knowing that your PayPal purchases will go through smoothly the very first time. PayPal will look for cash from your sources depending on the order you define.

In addition to being flexibly, buying silver with PayPal is also convenient. To make a payment you only need to access the site, click a couple of buttons, enter payment details, and you’ll be able to make a purchase from the comfort of your home. It is that easy! PayPal is also a faster way to purchase products as opposed to its offline counterparts. Users can instantly transfer cash with just a click of a button. Save time and money over expensive Western Union while getting money to wherever you wish to send it to more rapidly than ever.


Buying silver online is a relatively new alternative, compared with going to physical stores that offer the chance of getting the feel of the silver. However, with a little bit of direction you are sure to walk away with safe and pleasing experience with a breadth of silver available online.